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ZDEN (Dipl. Ing. Zdenko Hlinka)

He was born in 1975 in Bratislava. In the early age he has got interested in computers and started his self-education process.

In the year 2000 he achieved his Master's degree in Computer Science at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.
Meanwhile during his studies he has started to develop his programming skills in realtime generated computer imaginery and the exploration process of his visual language provided by his `code' and new personal interest in graphics design, experimental web design (or, photography with the focus on computer post-production.

Since 1995 he has started to support the demo-scene community by his works and spreading them to other fields of computer art through internet on his web-sites for free. Couple of net-art/webedelics projects has been established providing the space for other creative people as well. He got part of No-Such (ex. group of net.artists and took part in their live cooperative performances.

At this time he is interested in creation of visual flow in live enviroment as well. At the end of the year 2001 he started the development of Circulation software. By this tool he can create his live-video performances with emphasize on live aspect and full control over the producing image without the loss of the quality. Circulation software became kind of visual synthethiser and it is designed as a video-mixing software and real-time post-production facility.

Zden started to use this software in motion-video productions, and play his live `set' on diverse events: including self-organized "underground" occasions, clubbing parties or music festivals. Zden also cooperates with various musicians, acedamic artists, dancers, experimental computer artists.

He gave out couple of presentations and speeches about his development and the way of working with and by the media.
He labels his works or participations with alias `Zden' and usually underlines his connection with Satori production company (label).

active in the following areas:
* programming of real-time multimedia (presentation) systems
* live visual performances and vj acts
* generative computer animation / motion video productions
* photography, installations,, web design and multimedia cd/dvd production

* Master's degree in Computer Science, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava
* self educated coder & "artist" (Digital Alchemy)

programming skills:
* C / C++, ASM / MMX ASM in real-time video processing (effects, filters) and computer generated graphics with focus on speed optimised algorithms
* D-HTML/PHP4/JAVA/JAVA SCRIPT in web-design enviroment
* the portfolio of realised commercial software projects available on official contact.
  please write to


multimedia skills:
* visual effects, image manipulation, video edit and post-production, CD / DVD production, web design

demo animations|live recorded visuals|motion videos can be found on home-site (section 'motion')
NOTE: the complete list of released works (free for download)

live visuals and vj acts/CIRCULATION:
* entirely all live visuals are produced by self developed vj / post-production tool called CIRCULATION
* robust industrial P4 workstation has been created for this software for processing capabilities of 4 live camera inputs
* Circulation is briefly software-based real-time 3 source video mixing engine
. The source of mix can be input from live cameras, video-files stored on computer hard-drive, pictures or generative programmed graphics. The set of 50 post-effects is ready to post-produce the mixing sources. 18 mixing modes and 8 mixer post-effects. All optimised for performance (MMX/MMX2) and controlled via set of midi-controllers (midi), keyboard/mouse inputs, network control or scripted control is possible as well.
* for list of image galleries, created live with this application, visit the following URL
* down-load unofficial show-reel motion-video for this application
* limited beta-version of this software available for download soon followed by sell of full beta
* for more information about Circulation mail to

* list of all (from underground to overground) past and future vj acts can be found here

* FM4 resident (2001-2006), SOFA SURFERS tour 2002, HOOVERPHONIC tour 2005-2006

* played for the following artists (booked by the organizers of the events):
Jeff Mills, Christian Vogel, Metalheads DJs, Asian Dub Foundation, Fleischman, Bauer & Rehberg, Koji Asamo, Pomasl, Wipe out, Waxsolutionists, Supercity Sound System, Tibor/Dalo/Toky, Lackluster, Hiaz, Puppetmastaz, Funkstorung, Safety Scissors, Abuse, I-Wolf, Veneer, Laika, Sportfreund Stiller(lol@tour), Mouse on Mars, Peti & Tigris, John B, Klute, MC Tali, Roni Size, Dj Zinc + MC Stirlin, Luke Vibert, DJ Vadim & band, and ... ..

* live performances on corporate events:
Amgen AT, Nike AT, Bluemovie AT, Saab SK, Universal AT

* performed on the following festivals:
Bennicassim SP, Donauinselfest AT, Reviste SK, Bizarre DE, Pohoda SK, CYNETart DE, Sziget HU, PHAT LT, Ars Electronica AT, Werchter BE, Pink Pop NL, Love Planet CZ, Wilsonic SK ...

computer animation:
* this generative works are entirely done with programming skills (own softwares) running in real-time!
* a lot of works has been done between the years 1994 and 2003 and released on demo-scene( WWW ) and demo-parties all around the Europe

* the following works should not miss your attention (always available in win-exe and mpg!):
Mar 2002, DE:TOX( WEB )
Nov 2001, B10( WEB )
Dec 2000, INCYBER
Aug 2000, METAMORF( WEB )

* visit for complete list of works including win-exe and mpg downloads
* read feed-back notes from people experienced Zden/Satori productions

motion video:
* computer animations are more computer generated (abstract) works, but also motion videos has been done
* own software enviroments has been used in their production as well

Oct 2005, Last Minute( WWW ) is 10min abstract city documentary
Feb 2004, Fuckhead ( WWW ) to be released on Fuckhead's DVD soon!
Mar 2003, Circulation( DOWNLOAD VIDEO ) (unofficial show-reel for application)( WWW )

* edge states trilogy:
Jun 2002, GOON( WWW )
Mar 2001, Mindfuck( WWW )

In 1999 cooperation with Ivan Klimo, Palo Luka & Kornel Kabele on creation of To Pasteur( WEB ) motion video
(music artist This is Kevin) [MTV broadcasts this clip regurally for years in Chillout-zone programme]

couple of exhibitions to mention:
* MicroBytes and KiloBeats( WWW ), Nov 2004, Brussels, Media Ruimte
Demo’ers demo’ing, custom sound synthesizers playing numbers vs computers drafting numbers.
Satori exhibition, live performance, installation, projections, presentation
* CYBERLOUNGE( WWW ), Aug 2001, Mexico (D.F.), Museo Rufino Tamayo
personal exhibition of, animations (2 months)
* HOCHLEISTUNG / Going to Extremes, Dec 2000, Hall, Kunsthalle Tirol
exhibition of motion video dedicated to the preparation of the whole exhibition
* NETAFFECTS( WWW ), May 2000, Amsterdam, Westergasfabriek exhibition of selected artists from all around the world

link base:
* a lot of web-sites has been dedicated to various projects - home-site - crew-site - visual engine site - vj recordings / branded live! - experimental project - digital gallery


* Jul 2004, mojMartin (Nocne Vlny) (slovak)
* Feb 2004, Sme v kulture (MP Laika) (slovak)
* Oct 2003, Sme v kulture (Wilsonic) = Rave (slovak)
* Aug 2003, Live Blog TV (english)
* May 2003, 3/4 revue (slovak)
* Dec 2001, e-poxID (slovak)
* Mar 2001, Warped (english)

* Feb 2001, Koridor (slovak)
* ??? 2000, Escena (english)
* Oct 1999, Demojournal (english)

important download notice:
* all mentioned works (+ many more) are free to download from author's sites
* the following attitude is treated for everyone to have a chance to see works in high-quality formats without charge
* don't hesitate to mail if you experience a problem to find particular work for download